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sâmbătă, 7 iulie 2012

In love with MakeupBee

         Hello my lovelies, it's been a long long looong time since I've posted something new, but I think I'm going to be a little more consistent with this blog....it's my baby, I want to take care of it :D.


         So....today I will be talking to you about a new site....well new for me :))....a site that I love. It's called MakeupBee and there you can find all sorts of make-up looks from different make-up artists :D and also you can find out what products they used to create their looks.

         It's a really fun community for every make-up lover out there. We "love" each others looks, we compliment each other and we enjoy posting new looks.

         The most exciting part of the site are the contests :D almost all the time there's a make-up contest sponsored by make-up companies such as Lit Cosmetics, Sugarpill, BH Cosmetics. I've already participated in 2 contests and won beautiful prizes, you should too :)

         So...if you do decide to be apart of this lovely community, you can either make an account or connect with facebook if you have one and make sure you follow me :D....you can find me by Katelynn R.  (click on the link to visit my profile).

         Here are a few looks that I posted in different contests :D, first two I was in the top 10 and I was lucky enough to get some awesome prizes :D

Golden Rose Bridal Look

Perfect For Prom

Rihanna "Where have you been" inspired

Modern Marie Antoinette

         Hope you like them :D....talk to you all tomorrow or later today :D

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    Ai un blog interesant. Te astept pe la mine http://filmandotherstories.blogspot.se/
    :) Happy Valentine's day!

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