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miercuri, 29 iunie 2011

Make-up tips for glasses

So I got a request on DeviantArt to do a make-up look for glasses. And I thought I’d do a blog post too, since there is a lot more to say about make-up for glasses.

First step, foundation: when you wear glasses, the foundation around your rims tends to crease or to smear all over, so it’s best to use powder foundation, mineral foundation, or at least set your liquid foundation with setting powder to prevent it from smearing. I have combination skin, so it tends to be oily only on my forehead and on my nose, not on my cheeks where the rims of my glasses sit. So I just need to be careful with liquid foundation on my nose area and I’m good to go.

Second step, you need to conceal any dark circle around your eyes, because when you wear your glasses, they make a shadow underneath your eyes, making them look tired, and by applying concealer you make your eyes look more awake

Third step would be to shape and define your eyebrows, because usually the rims of the glasses emphasize the eyebrows and to make them look good and put the whole make-up look together, you should tweeze, trim and fill in your eyebrows.

Last step is the make-up look, for which I have a tutorial: 

So this is it :D I hope you learned something usefull :D please follow my blog for more and subscribe to my  youtube channel :D  
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luni, 27 iunie 2011

Make-up for every eye color

Hello my lovely ladies :D,
I thought I’d do a “eye color” series :D where I can give you tips about what colors you should use to make your own eyes pop :D.  Let’s get started:

Green eyes

If you ask me, green eyes are the best :D I’m so so so jealous that I don’t have green eyes :(...even if I love my brown eyes :)). So, from what I’ve seen and heard, various shades of pink and purple make green eyes stand out. Other colors that go really well with green eyes are brown and taupe shades, gold and peach :D, but not overdo it :D simple and subtle colors always make your eyes stand out. And who says that you can’t use green eyeshadow on green eyes is totally wrong :D. Green shades that are darker that your eyes can make your eyes mysterious and sexy :D (try a smokey eye :D ). There is one rule in choosing the right colors for green eyes: use worm shades, not cool ones, avoid if possible blue, grey, silver and even purple and pink that have a blue undertone to them.  Anyway....you can’t fail if you use purple and pink :D that have a worm undertones :D.
When it comes to eyeliner, use one that is close to your natural eye color....every shade of green works, from turquoise and lime green to dark green with sparkles (my favorite :D )and even black. And again avoid blue and silver :D.

Green eye look

Blue eyes

Blue eyes are to die for if the make-up is done well :D. There are some colors that appear to be made only for blue eyes :D. Pink with blue undertones, silver, purple, lilac, hot pink and fuchsia :D all make blue eyes stand out.  And again the stupid rule “don’t use the same color as your eye is” bla bla bla :))....no...blue eyeshadows  make blue eyes pop even more, especially in combination with a black or a dark navy blue, for a smokey effect :D . if your eyes have green undertones to them, you could even use  turquoise shadows and even a mint green. But if you don’t, then green and brown shades are a No No.
For liners, choose a darker tone of blue to make them really stand out. You could even use silver, black and white (to make your eyes look more awake).

Blue eye look

Hazel  eyes

The eyeshadow shade that works best for hazel eyes is gold, it brings out the natural shade of the hazel eyes. Try pairing it with brown shades and smoking it out :D, because another color that works well with hazel eyes is brown, soft brown, goldish brown :)). Other shadows like pearl, peach and light rose shades can also make your eyes stand out.  For a more dramatic look, try using shades of deep green paired up with gold or brown.
           As for liner a dark brown eyeliner would be the best for hazel eyes, though I prefer shades of green for a pop of color :D. You can also use black and grey eyeliner for a more dramatic look.

Hazel eyes look

Brown eyes

                Last but not least brown eyes....I left them for last, not because they are boring or ugly, no way...but because I have brown eyes and there are a lot to say about them :D. When people say that brown eyes don’t stand out, have nothing special to them, I disagree. Brown eyes have the biggest variety of colors that you can use to make them stand out. From my experience, shades of brown and gold make brown eyes pop :D. My first make-up look was with brown eyeshadows from an Avon palette, so yeah, brown shades work wonders. Taupe colors are beautiful on brown eyes, then green shades, purple and lilac and even peach. To avoid...pink and blue...not that it doesn’t look good, it just doesn’t make your eyes pop.
                As for the liner...well...I’ve discovered that brown eyes are gorgeous when I do a neutral look on the lid and on the waterline and lower lashline I apply a green liner (or a turquoise eyeliner, or a purple one, or a black one, or a gold one :)) yup a lot of colors there :D ). You could use blue or silver, but it’s best to leave them for blue eyes.        

Brown eyes look

                All in all my friends, I hope that these tips and tricks helped you and gave you an idea of what to use for your eyes. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you thought of this post :D and please follow me for more. Thank you all for your support. xoxo

duminică, 26 iunie 2011

Selena Gomez "Love you like a love song"

Hey all :D I just saw Selena Gomez's new music video "Love you like a love song" and I loved it so so much that I decided to recreate two of her looks :D The frist one when she appears on the stage to sing karaoke and the second when she is on the beach, a hippie look :D...hope you like it, I had fun doing them :D and I hope you love the song as much as I do :D

vineri, 24 iunie 2011

E.L.F haul & review

Hey dolls :D I just got my E.L.F box this morning, and I tried all the products out and thought I'd let you know what my opinion is on them :D. First of all here's a picture of my products...I took them out of their package :| but the primer is still in it's own, so that's what they look like :D.

Ok...so I'll start off with my favourite product :D the E.L.F COMPLECTION PERFECTION POWDER

So....this is supposed to create a balanced and radiant complexion that is beautiful and healthy. Basically it evens out your skin tone and absorbes excess oil. I looove love love this powder :D...I will wear it on top of my foundation, as a setting powder :D and it works wonders :D no more redness, no more oil and it leaves your skin sooo so so soft :D love it :D. If you are really confident with your skin, you can wear this one on its own, no foundation and it evens out your skin tone.  And on top of that, the package is really cute...it looks professional :D...10+

Next item is the E.L.F TOTAL FACE BRUSH

It sais that its soft caressing facial bristles allow a soothing application of facial and bronzing powder and you can use it for a quick full face touch up. I love the brush :D it's like any powder brush, soft, steady, it doesn't shed that much :)), works perfectly with the complexion powder. :D..i'll give it a 9 'cuz it could have been softer :D


So...this baby here has done wonders for me...it's a liquid eyeliner in a pen form. It has a really small thin brush and it makes applying eyeliner much more easier. The only problem I have with this one is that it runs out pretty fast and it's not waterproof :(. 8+

Another item that I got is the E.L.F EYELID PRIMER

This is a base for your eyeshadow to stick to and it makes it last longer. I've had this one for quite a while and  it has worked for me, my shadows last at least 6 hours...wich is good for a one dollar primer....some say that it's as good as the Urban Decay Primer Potion...well...I don't have that one...yet :))....but i'm planing to get it soon and do a comparison between these two. All in all...it does its job :D I have really oily lids so...I'm satisfied with it :D...I'll give it an 8 :D

Next in line we have the E.L.F LIQUID EYELINER in PLUM

So....at first I was a little dissapointed with this product....because on the site it looked more purple and it looked as if it had sparkles....but when I tried it out on my eyes I fell in love with it :D because this shade of purple...plum...compliments my eyes even more :D it's easy to apply and dries on your lid pretty fast :D love it :D 10+

Another thing is....well...are...I don't know :)):)) it's a bunch of foundation spundges called

They come in a little plastic container so you can keep them clean :D. The only thing that I can say about these is OMG...I love them :D I don't know what they do but they make applying foundation easier and make your foundation flawless. I mean....flawless :D I think that while you apply your foundation, these spunges absorb the excess oil and the excess foundation...so you are applying the enough amout for your face. When I apply mine, I dab it all over the face....dab dab dab....until it's blended...and then I take a clean side and dab again until I see that my foundation is really absorbed into my skin :D. I wasn't expecting these to be so amazing. 10++++

And last but not least :D E.L.F has a sort of a deal...if you buy 6 items and you enter 10 emails of your friends on the site, you get a free item :D. So my free item was a E.L.F SHIMMER EYELINER PENCIL

I was so excited when I saw this one :D because every time when I got my package, my free item was either a powder or a blush...never eye stuff :)). So of course when I opened the box I was digging through to see what my free item was :)) and I saw this beautiful purple glitter eyeliner :D....looove love love it...it comes with its own sharpener and it's pretty good for an eyeliner :D. 10 :D
Here's the site where you can buy all of these products http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ or http://www.eyeslipsface.com.ro/ for my Romanian fellas :)):))

Well that was my haul/review :D hope this helped and follow my blog for more :D xoxo

luni, 13 iunie 2011

Zodiac Series


               The specific colours for Taurus are LILAC and GREEN, spring colours that bring peace and relaxation.Taurus people are reliable, loyal and down to earth. But they can be sometimes really gelous, that's why the third colour for them is YELLOW.


Gemini are energetic, clever, creative and that's why PURPLE and BLUE are the colours that suit them...they are also a little bit gealous so of course YELLOW goes well :D. 


Cancer's colours are GREEN and SILVER, colours that show sensetivity, emotion and scepticism. Cancers are really shy and they rely on their feelings and emotions.

              Leo is all about gold and yellow... they love to learn and are curious, by nature. They want to know how everything works and why. Leos are governed by their mind power and can tend to hide their emotions, the adverse aspect being that they repress or deny true feelings and inner thoughts, but overall, this person is strong, independent and enjoys teaching others about life and interests. The purpose of the yellow is to become more compassionate and understanding, especially towards the self, while the gold shows strength and independence. 


Virgo has the strength of adaptability, both to new things and discovering the new. Fresh, new thoughts make Virgo a valuable team player and great supporter, owing to their clarity of mind, combined with a passionate and giving nature. So purple is the perfect color for Virgos, showing the kindness and passion. 

Libra has blue and pink as the specific colors. Pink is an optimistic color which shows that Libras are adaptable and sociable, but the blue shows insecurity and fear of trusting people. 

Scorpios colors are deep red and black, both colors indicating the nature of this sign, they are strong and determined, passionate and sometimes mean. The deep red...almost burgundy, shows that Scorpions usually have 2 sides...they can be one way this moment and after a second become another person.

Sagittarius is the communicator, but it is what one says that matters, rather than what one knows. They are clam and need to speak their inner truth. Blue is the perfect color for them, blue with a hint of purple...blue is euphoric and calming while the purple helps to overcome their inner problems. 

Capricorn’s color is indigo, which shows that this sign is very intuitive. Capricorns understand and see things from a new perspective, as they live in the understanding of life’s process. 

Aquarius is idealistic, philosophical and unconventional. The colors for them are sea blue and turquoise, colors that show independence and patience. 

Pisces are mystical, compassionate, tolerant, modest and submissive. That’s why sea foam green is the perfect color for them.

So this is my ZODIAC series :D hope you like it :D feel free to comment and let me know what you think :D xoxo

miercuri, 8 iunie 2011

Zodiac make-up series :D

Hey all :D I decided to do a series on Zodiac make-up looks :D hope you like it :D


ARIES: the specific colour for this sign is RED...deep red, even burgundy, a colour that shows passion, fire, fight, courage and action. It’s a colour that indicates the thirst for life and the desire to win in every situation. This colour is known to increase the power of will and give you courage. Another colour that suits Aries is gold...worm colour in comparison to the deep red, this colour indicates that somewhere underneath that passion is a little bit of warmth and kindness. 

A little bit about myself :D

           Hy all, my name is Catalina a.k.a KatelynnRose and I decided to make a blog...a make-up blog to be more precise :D because I'm in love with art in general....and make-up is a form of art :D.
           Let me tell you my story: it all started about a year ago, when I finished highschool :D. I wasn't into make-up before then...I used only mascara and liner and that was it. But somehow I started watching videos on youtube...of various make-up gurus (as they call themselves) who were teaching how to do your make-up. I was obsessed with those gurus....girls...that were in love with make-up like I am now and that wanted to spread the love like I want to do now. I watched them for about 3 months and then I tried to recreate some of their looks and....it worked.
           I started out with simple ones at first....basic smokey eyes, daytime looks and I rocked a natural gold and brown make-up look all summer. After that I tried almost everything and now....I'm proud to say...that thanks to those gurus....I am now pretty good at make-up....not to brag or anything :))...but I do ok :D.
         Because I'm not that brave to film myself and post it on youtube, I thought to do a make-up blog instead....teaching you tips and tricks on how to apply make-up, showing you different make-up looks...from simple ones to really creative ones and I hope that you will learn like I did.
          So...if you like make-up and you want to learn something new, if you want to see various make-up looks or even if you are bored and you don't have anything better to do and you want to read my blog, please FOLLOW MY BLOG and visit my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001682683927 and my deviantart page http://katelynnrose.deviantart.com/ (for more make-up looks in better quality:D )