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luni, 13 iunie 2011

Zodiac Series


               The specific colours for Taurus are LILAC and GREEN, spring colours that bring peace and relaxation.Taurus people are reliable, loyal and down to earth. But they can be sometimes really gelous, that's why the third colour for them is YELLOW.


Gemini are energetic, clever, creative and that's why PURPLE and BLUE are the colours that suit them...they are also a little bit gealous so of course YELLOW goes well :D. 


Cancer's colours are GREEN and SILVER, colours that show sensetivity, emotion and scepticism. Cancers are really shy and they rely on their feelings and emotions.

              Leo is all about gold and yellow... they love to learn and are curious, by nature. They want to know how everything works and why. Leos are governed by their mind power and can tend to hide their emotions, the adverse aspect being that they repress or deny true feelings and inner thoughts, but overall, this person is strong, independent and enjoys teaching others about life and interests. The purpose of the yellow is to become more compassionate and understanding, especially towards the self, while the gold shows strength and independence. 


Virgo has the strength of adaptability, both to new things and discovering the new. Fresh, new thoughts make Virgo a valuable team player and great supporter, owing to their clarity of mind, combined with a passionate and giving nature. So purple is the perfect color for Virgos, showing the kindness and passion. 

Libra has blue and pink as the specific colors. Pink is an optimistic color which shows that Libras are adaptable and sociable, but the blue shows insecurity and fear of trusting people. 

Scorpios colors are deep red and black, both colors indicating the nature of this sign, they are strong and determined, passionate and sometimes mean. The deep red...almost burgundy, shows that Scorpions usually have 2 sides...they can be one way this moment and after a second become another person.

Sagittarius is the communicator, but it is what one says that matters, rather than what one knows. They are clam and need to speak their inner truth. Blue is the perfect color for them, blue with a hint of purple...blue is euphoric and calming while the purple helps to overcome their inner problems. 

Capricorn’s color is indigo, which shows that this sign is very intuitive. Capricorns understand and see things from a new perspective, as they live in the understanding of life’s process. 

Aquarius is idealistic, philosophical and unconventional. The colors for them are sea blue and turquoise, colors that show independence and patience. 

Pisces are mystical, compassionate, tolerant, modest and submissive. That’s why sea foam green is the perfect color for them.

So this is my ZODIAC series :D hope you like it :D feel free to comment and let me know what you think :D xoxo

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  1. Awesome! Such an original idea, and great looks!


  2. great idea ^^
    i like it how you used the zodiac sign in every make-up**

  3. au ieshit fr rau machiajele la zodiac >:D< :*:*