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luni, 27 iunie 2011

Make-up for every eye color

Hello my lovely ladies :D,
I thought I’d do a “eye color” series :D where I can give you tips about what colors you should use to make your own eyes pop :D.  Let’s get started:

Green eyes

If you ask me, green eyes are the best :D I’m so so so jealous that I don’t have green eyes :(...even if I love my brown eyes :)). So, from what I’ve seen and heard, various shades of pink and purple make green eyes stand out. Other colors that go really well with green eyes are brown and taupe shades, gold and peach :D, but not overdo it :D simple and subtle colors always make your eyes stand out. And who says that you can’t use green eyeshadow on green eyes is totally wrong :D. Green shades that are darker that your eyes can make your eyes mysterious and sexy :D (try a smokey eye :D ). There is one rule in choosing the right colors for green eyes: use worm shades, not cool ones, avoid if possible blue, grey, silver and even purple and pink that have a blue undertone to them.  Anyway....you can’t fail if you use purple and pink :D that have a worm undertones :D.
When it comes to eyeliner, use one that is close to your natural eye color....every shade of green works, from turquoise and lime green to dark green with sparkles (my favorite :D )and even black. And again avoid blue and silver :D.

Green eye look

Blue eyes

Blue eyes are to die for if the make-up is done well :D. There are some colors that appear to be made only for blue eyes :D. Pink with blue undertones, silver, purple, lilac, hot pink and fuchsia :D all make blue eyes stand out.  And again the stupid rule “don’t use the same color as your eye is” bla bla bla :))....no...blue eyeshadows  make blue eyes pop even more, especially in combination with a black or a dark navy blue, for a smokey effect :D . if your eyes have green undertones to them, you could even use  turquoise shadows and even a mint green. But if you don’t, then green and brown shades are a No No.
For liners, choose a darker tone of blue to make them really stand out. You could even use silver, black and white (to make your eyes look more awake).

Blue eye look

Hazel  eyes

The eyeshadow shade that works best for hazel eyes is gold, it brings out the natural shade of the hazel eyes. Try pairing it with brown shades and smoking it out :D, because another color that works well with hazel eyes is brown, soft brown, goldish brown :)). Other shadows like pearl, peach and light rose shades can also make your eyes stand out.  For a more dramatic look, try using shades of deep green paired up with gold or brown.
           As for liner a dark brown eyeliner would be the best for hazel eyes, though I prefer shades of green for a pop of color :D. You can also use black and grey eyeliner for a more dramatic look.

Hazel eyes look

Brown eyes

                Last but not least brown eyes....I left them for last, not because they are boring or ugly, no way...but because I have brown eyes and there are a lot to say about them :D. When people say that brown eyes don’t stand out, have nothing special to them, I disagree. Brown eyes have the biggest variety of colors that you can use to make them stand out. From my experience, shades of brown and gold make brown eyes pop :D. My first make-up look was with brown eyeshadows from an Avon palette, so yeah, brown shades work wonders. Taupe colors are beautiful on brown eyes, then green shades, purple and lilac and even peach. To avoid...pink and blue...not that it doesn’t look good, it just doesn’t make your eyes pop.
                As for the liner...well...I’ve discovered that brown eyes are gorgeous when I do a neutral look on the lid and on the waterline and lower lashline I apply a green liner (or a turquoise eyeliner, or a purple one, or a black one, or a gold one :)) yup a lot of colors there :D ). You could use blue or silver, but it’s best to leave them for blue eyes.        

Brown eyes look

                All in all my friends, I hope that these tips and tricks helped you and gave you an idea of what to use for your eyes. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you thought of this post :D and please follow me for more. Thank you all for your support. xoxo

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