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vineri, 24 iunie 2011

E.L.F haul & review

Hey dolls :D I just got my E.L.F box this morning, and I tried all the products out and thought I'd let you know what my opinion is on them :D. First of all here's a picture of my products...I took them out of their package :| but the primer is still in it's own, so that's what they look like :D.

Ok...so I'll start off with my favourite product :D the E.L.F COMPLECTION PERFECTION POWDER

So....this is supposed to create a balanced and radiant complexion that is beautiful and healthy. Basically it evens out your skin tone and absorbes excess oil. I looove love love this powder :D...I will wear it on top of my foundation, as a setting powder :D and it works wonders :D no more redness, no more oil and it leaves your skin sooo so so soft :D love it :D. If you are really confident with your skin, you can wear this one on its own, no foundation and it evens out your skin tone.  And on top of that, the package is really cute...it looks professional :D...10+

Next item is the E.L.F TOTAL FACE BRUSH

It sais that its soft caressing facial bristles allow a soothing application of facial and bronzing powder and you can use it for a quick full face touch up. I love the brush :D it's like any powder brush, soft, steady, it doesn't shed that much :)), works perfectly with the complexion powder. :D..i'll give it a 9 'cuz it could have been softer :D


So...this baby here has done wonders for me...it's a liquid eyeliner in a pen form. It has a really small thin brush and it makes applying eyeliner much more easier. The only problem I have with this one is that it runs out pretty fast and it's not waterproof :(. 8+

Another item that I got is the E.L.F EYELID PRIMER

This is a base for your eyeshadow to stick to and it makes it last longer. I've had this one for quite a while and  it has worked for me, my shadows last at least 6 hours...wich is good for a one dollar primer....some say that it's as good as the Urban Decay Primer Potion...well...I don't have that one...yet :))....but i'm planing to get it soon and do a comparison between these two. All in all...it does its job :D I have really oily lids so...I'm satisfied with it :D...I'll give it an 8 :D

Next in line we have the E.L.F LIQUID EYELINER in PLUM

So....at first I was a little dissapointed with this product....because on the site it looked more purple and it looked as if it had sparkles....but when I tried it out on my eyes I fell in love with it :D because this shade of purple...plum...compliments my eyes even more :D it's easy to apply and dries on your lid pretty fast :D love it :D 10+

Another thing is....well...are...I don't know :)):)) it's a bunch of foundation spundges called

They come in a little plastic container so you can keep them clean :D. The only thing that I can say about these is OMG...I love them :D I don't know what they do but they make applying foundation easier and make your foundation flawless. I mean....flawless :D I think that while you apply your foundation, these spunges absorb the excess oil and the excess foundation...so you are applying the enough amout for your face. When I apply mine, I dab it all over the face....dab dab dab....until it's blended...and then I take a clean side and dab again until I see that my foundation is really absorbed into my skin :D. I wasn't expecting these to be so amazing. 10++++

And last but not least :D E.L.F has a sort of a deal...if you buy 6 items and you enter 10 emails of your friends on the site, you get a free item :D. So my free item was a E.L.F SHIMMER EYELINER PENCIL

I was so excited when I saw this one :D because every time when I got my package, my free item was either a powder or a blush...never eye stuff :)). So of course when I opened the box I was digging through to see what my free item was :)) and I saw this beautiful purple glitter eyeliner :D....looove love love it...it comes with its own sharpener and it's pretty good for an eyeliner :D. 10 :D
Here's the site where you can buy all of these products http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ or http://www.eyeslipsface.com.ro/ for my Romanian fellas :)):))

Well that was my haul/review :D hope this helped and follow my blog for more :D xoxo

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