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miercuri, 29 iunie 2011

Make-up tips for glasses

So I got a request on DeviantArt to do a make-up look for glasses. And I thought I’d do a blog post too, since there is a lot more to say about make-up for glasses.

First step, foundation: when you wear glasses, the foundation around your rims tends to crease or to smear all over, so it’s best to use powder foundation, mineral foundation, or at least set your liquid foundation with setting powder to prevent it from smearing. I have combination skin, so it tends to be oily only on my forehead and on my nose, not on my cheeks where the rims of my glasses sit. So I just need to be careful with liquid foundation on my nose area and I’m good to go.

Second step, you need to conceal any dark circle around your eyes, because when you wear your glasses, they make a shadow underneath your eyes, making them look tired, and by applying concealer you make your eyes look more awake

Third step would be to shape and define your eyebrows, because usually the rims of the glasses emphasize the eyebrows and to make them look good and put the whole make-up look together, you should tweeze, trim and fill in your eyebrows.

Last step is the make-up look, for which I have a tutorial: 

So this is it :D I hope you learned something usefull :D please follow my blog for more and subscribe to my  youtube channel :D  
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