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luni, 29 august 2011

LOTD: Autumn

Hello my lovelies, I can’t believe how fast time passes. Summer is gone and here comes Autumn :D. My God, I love this season, it’s not too cold and not too hot, the colours are beautiful, reds, oranges, copper, gold, brown....such a large variety of colours ready for us to play with :D. This year, autumn’s color is CRIMSON, it was seen on every runaway. It is a strong, bright deep red colour, perfect for autumn. But if you’re like me and you don’t really have the courage to wear deep reds, you can always pull off the look by wearing just a scarf, or crimson nail polish, or in my case :D a make-up look :D. I tried to make it a little more wearable, because no one thinks you’re normal if they see you with bright red colours on your eyes :)). Here is the make-up look that I created :D

 I used tones of gold, brown, copper and a touch of crimson in the outer half of the lid :D, some bronzy cheeks and coral lips :D...the perfect look that I will be wearing a lot this autumn :D.
 Hope you all like it :D please leave me comments and tell me your thoughts about this new trend :D. Xoxo

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