Katelynn Rose

duminică, 25 septembrie 2011

Back to school series

Hello lovelies, I decided to do a "back to school series"...even if it's a little too late for some, I start school in a week :D, so I said why not :D. Today I have for you 2 makeup looks :D, for brown and blue eyes. They are simple looks, perfect for school as well as for everyday :D. Hope you like them. Let me know if I should to a full face too :D. xoxo

Ok so this one you've already seen, but I do think it's the perfect look for brown eyed girls to wear to school, it's simple, quick to do and makes your eyes sparkle. :D

The blue eye one, I thought I should do again a simple look, but trying to make the eyes look more awake, no harsh lines, no crazy liner, just soft colors, silver and a touch of pink :D.

Enjoy :D please try them out :D

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