Katelynn Rose

luni, 19 septembrie 2011

L.O.T.D : Chocolate Caramel inspired

Hello lovelies :D, today I have an inspired look for you :D. Since I was craving for something sweet, and my favorite is chocolate caramel, and because I’m on a diet and I can’t eat any :( :( :(, I decided to do a makeup look instead :). This is what I came up with :D Enjoy :D comment and let me know what you think :D xoxo

Full face: 

Eyes close-up:

4 comentarii:

  1. Buna! Machiajul e superb. Ai putea sa imi spui te rog ce produse ai folosit :)

  2. mersi frumos :D pai am folosit paleta de la Too Faced - Natural eye :D si un tus de la elf :D

  3. e superb!!! aoleo imi place la nebunie....la sprancene ce ai folosit?

  4. mersi frumos :D :*:*:*...pai am folosit 2 culori din aceeasi paleta, sunt 2 nuante de maro mate, velvet revolver si sexpresso se numesc...le-am combinat si am folosit pensula de la ei :D